Cooking Lessons

Cooking Lessons

Hands-on Demos

Hands-on cooking demonstrations of the meals you will consume (really – YOU make it with guidance). Want to really learn how to spatchcock a chicken? This is not a watch and learn and take notes. It’s a get-in there and create an experience. Easy and healthy but pretty enough to present to the company. You won’t be in the kitchen all day. But you will learn a lot. You are always welcome in our kitchen.

Food Prep

This is the TRS version of meal prep. As a group, we prep and cook for a week or a few days with each person taking home a portion AND the experience and knowledge (and recipes) of how to do it on their own in their own kitchen. Breakfasts. Lunches. Dinners. Snacks. Depending on choices and the number of people, this activity incurs an extra cost to cover the cost of taking away food and containers.

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