Is it safe?
All of life’s experiences carry a bit of risk – but the ones associated with the TRS ranch retreat are minimal and related more to the “hazards” of the South Texas Brushland (wildlife) than anything else. The ranch sits 40 miles north of Laredo, Texas and ten miles down a county road off of I-35. It is privately owned, high fenced and owners will be onsite at all times. No weapons are permitted. Most activities take place indoors.

Are there food options?

The menus are pre-set and available for viewing on the website. You can request a vegetarian or gluten free option ahead of time. We do not offer other special menus or meal options at this time. You are welcome to bring food that fulfills a special dietary restriction. The studio kitchen is open and available 24 hours a day. There is no price reduction if you do bring your own food.

I am not an experienced “yogi.” Can I still do the yoga offered?

The yoga styles offered at TRS are really designed for every BODY. The focus is on gentle and restorative yoga; yoga for vitality, strength of body and mind and stress reduction. Participants with no experience or those with years of experience both benefit from gentle yoga. Yes, YOU can do it.

Do I need special clothing or equipment?

No. All the equipment, supplies and necessary tools that you need for the retreat are provided. Attire is active or leisure wear (think comfortable). Tennis shoes are good for moving about (nature walks are on caliche roads), flip-flops or house slippers are good for being in the rooms, and bare feet are perfect for yoga. You do not need to bring boots unless you just dig wearing boots! All yoga gear is provided, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.

Can I design my own retreat?

If you book a two-day stay with a minimum of 8 paid guests (four rooms), you do indeed get to select your activities and menus. It would be considered a private event. Please contact Tami if you are interested.

Are you only open on weekends?
If you want to book a private retreat (minimum of 8 people) we can work with dates that fall within the week. Contact Tami if you are interested.

Will my phone work at TRS?
We have cell service and wi-fi available. We do ask that you respect others and only use cell phones in your room or in private areas.