Cardio Drumming

Joins the dynamic movements of aerobic dance with the pulsating rhythms of the drum. It is a unique sensory/motor program that is designed to give the mind and body instant feedback through continuous movement and rhythmical flow. Utilizes energizing music, stability ball, drumsticks, and dynamic movement.  You will sweat.  It’s FUN! (1 Hour)

Walking Meditation/Nature Walks

Select your distance (1-3 miles) and walk with intention. Walk in silence amongst your friends with a focus in mind. Take discussion breaks every 20 minutes or so. Or select a chatty, friendly “I spy” walk with talking points and nature findings as the point of focus. Or strike out on one of our trails—meander, stroll, walk, or run. It’s up to you, guided or independent.


Enjoy the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. With a focus on hand-eye coordination, footwork, and agility, the game is FUN for all ages and abilities. TRS has two covered, lighted pickleball courts.