I’ve been thinking about cracks lately. Sounds weird, I know. Especially as I put a lot of emphasis, attention and work towards perfection, completion and wholeness. Cracks are part of being broken, an indication of destruction and decay, of falling apart. But are they? I think it depends on your perception. 

Cracks are indicative of strength, betraying the edifice, showing the scars of being put back together or holding tight under pressure. Cracks let in light, air and space. Cracks allow for healing and repair. For rest, reset and restoration. 

Cracks are cautionary. They signal us to take action, be careful, and pay attention. They illustrate the actions and directions life takes. And the decision can be to repair or destroy. But the crack’s job has been done — it has drawn attention. Things crack. Bones. Structures. Relationships. Foundations. Metaphorical or tangible – examine cracks, contemplate the flaws, and appreciate the heads up. 

So I’m noting the cracks I see in my life. I’m repairing some, eradicating some and some . . . well, I’m just letting them be for now, allowing them to let healing in. 

Transform Restore your Spirit . . . Tami