Loud Thoughts

Loud Thoughts

I think often about intuition – what some call a gut feeling or a hunch or an inner voice. Psychologists define intuition as a brain process that gives people the ability to make decisions without the use of analytical reasoning.  It’s a bridging of the parts of our unconscious and conscious minds.  It is different from instinct, which is a natural reaction, not a thought. Instinct is an autonomic response to a situation. Intuition is when a person “sees” something beyond what is presented.

All too often, most of us rational, thinking human beings ignore the intuitive voices, feelings and whispers we receive. They get drowned out by logic and societal norms and repeated patterns of behavior. But what if we listened more? Accepted more? Welcomed more?

Do you even hear your inner voice? The guide inside? Is your world too loud, too boisterous, too rigid, too chaotic? Ponder a moment when you COULD have some silence – in the kitchen brewing coffee, in the shower, on a walk, drifting off to sleep, driving anywhere – but you fill those silences with the radio, the television, or a podcast. You don’t allow the inner voices to be heard. I’ve been incorporating “The Power of Small” (see previous blog) and one of the small steps is making a minor change NOW rather than the often-unfulfilled promise of a major change later.  Perhaps start allowing the silence in a bit more, in small increments, and see what you “hear” from within. Keep track of it if that’s your thing. Listen. Heed. Record. Track your success (because unless you are sitting at a blackjack table, your intuition is going to guide you in the right direction).

In tarot, The High Priestess, connotes hidden knowledge, intuition, psychic experiences. The divine feminine, her spiritual path is above earthly relationships. Her gift is wisdom and knowledge of the world beyond the veil, the realms of gods, guides and angels. She’s my girl. She inspires me to go deeper within myself and trust my internal knowing. She aligns with my practice of gentle, restorative yoga and going within. She reassures me that I am on the right path according to ME. And she pops up in my readings enough to remind me that I need to stay on my path and heed my intuition.


Guidance comes from many sources. Your intuition could be your angels or spiritual guardians, your source energy, your God. It’s yours and really you do not have to name it or define it. It is part of you. And you don’t have to listen. But you should.

Transform Restore your Spirit . . . Tami