Full Moon Recharge

Full Moon Recharge

I’m fascinated by the moon – the full moon, in particular.  I sit outside under its spotlight and take in the energy.  I float in my pool, my shadows clearly visible on the plaster walls as I whirl and twirl in the luminescence.  I read about the moon’s pulls and the influences.  I place my crystals outside to charge.  I place myself outside to charge.  This recent full moon – called a blue moon – was fraught with energy.  But it is energy that we can harness and utilize to our best intentions.  David Odyssey (NYLON.com) says it is a “call to imbue [our] life with dignity and as much kindness as [we] can muster.”  I agree.

In the face of all the strife, the hardships, the turmoil, and the uncertainty we see in today’s world.  When we want to throw up our hands, crawl into a ball, and cry — well, maybe do just that.  Respite.  Then renewal.  Summon your inner goddess and make the world a better place simply by making you a stronger person.  A recharged person.

We all need to reboot, revive and rejuvenate.  The universe tells us this, and it points the way.  It’s cyclical.  Trust it.  Follow it.  Our bodies tell us what we need; we just need to listen.  Tune in and listen. Be still and listen.  Breathe and listen.  Heed the calling.

What is your body telling you that you need?  A bath?  A candle?  A run or a nap?  Music or silence?  Time alone or time with friends? Do you read or write or draw or pray? Your action is your recharge, your full moon.   For me, it is water – teas, baths, pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Watching the birds and squirrels and tending my herbs.  Daily or weekly or just once a month.  Listen to your body.  Heed the calling.

Reflect and redirect as needed – where are you spending your time and energy?  These are your precious resources. The full moon calls us forward to check-in and realign.  If you are interested in moon energy and simple rituals and affirmations you can easily incorporate into your life, I suggest The Moon Deck (oracle cards and blog) at www.themoondeck.com.


Transform Restore your Spirit . . . Tami