The Crashing of Things

The Crashing of Things

Sometimes it seems that I just can’t get caught up, much less on track.  Things – I’ll call them things – just seem to keep happening.  The opportunity to avail myself of these things or the time to deal with these things crash into themselves. They crash into me.  Let me explain this crashing of things.  In the last 30 days I have had a 90th birthday weekend celebration for a dear family member (Rockport, TX), a cataract removed, an overnight booking for 20 persons at our retreat center, an endoscopy performed, a weekend spent supervising a niece and nephew and settling my mother into an independent living apartment (Austin, TX),  a 3-day work trip, a weekend with grownup daughter (Dallas), a breakout of hives (I’m seeing the connection here), a leak in the newly renovated swimming pool (argh!), and intense study and prep time for a 300 hour yoga training. Texas is a BIG state; I probably logged over a 1,000 miles.  Then there’s the day-to-day work, tasks and routines. And that’s just me.  Add to the mix a husband and a son and a daughter who are also experiencing “things” in their worlds, their worlds to which I am emotionally attached.

Now comes the perspective.  These “things” themselves are not negative, but the timing of the events, the proximity of them, the traveling, the moving parts all collide and combine to create a big ball of ARGHH!  And my logical brain and my yoga heart tell me to count my blessings, be grateful and breathe. These are good things happening. This is progress, forward movement, advancement.  And my logical brain and my yoga heart are correct. But I also must listen to my body as it needs nourishment, quiet movement, solitude and release.

It all comes together with the brain and the body working in tandem – acceptance and release. Knowing and letting go. Holding space for the self amidst the crashing of things. Acknowledging the fact that stress is stress; the body doesn’t know if the root cause is good or bad.  Accepting the crashing of things, knowing that all is well, and that progression is being made BUT that one can be tired, overwhelmed and in need of a little self-care. I like “The Emergency List” in Eveline Helmink’s The Handbook for Bad Days (2019). She says, “On my bad days, everything is stupid, everything is too much effort, everything is meh . . . Time and time again, reversing a bad day comes down to remembering what it is that will make you feel better.” She then lists about 15 things that make HER feel better.  I’m making my own list. We all need this list.

Ocean waves originate in the deep waters and crash onto the shore. They create a new landscape, dissipate, and roll back into the vast expanse of the sea.  We humans are deep as well and our waves of activity and energy crest and crash, ebb and flow. Our things can crash, and we can feel a bit wrecked and it’s okay.  So . . . we look at our list and breathe.

The yoga and guided meditation at TRS are a beautiful way to honor yourself while letting go and preparing for the next wave.  Book a stay.  Bring a friend.  Float on the surface of life for just a weekend.

Transform Restore your Spirit . . . Tami